PLATEN ASSEMBLY For Signode MHC Strapping Head

Part for Signode MHC Strapping Head

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Now you can integrate our latest technology into your existing strapping system. The result is an economical upgrade that will simplify operation, reduce maintenance and increase throughput while lowering your strapping costs. The Signode Unitizer Retrofit Program features our MHC modular strapping heads, lightweight tensioning and sealing modules that are easy to access and remove for maintenance, drastically reducing downtime. When switching to a spare module, unitizing stations can be up and running in minutes. Available for Signode CLM-8 and competitive strapping machines, our Retrofit Program maximizes uptime for greater production efficiency and lower packaging costs. MHC Modular Strapping Heads. The MHC modular strapping heads require fewer adjustments and have less moving and wearing parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs, increased productivity and a lower total cost of ownership. Easier to maintain • 50% fewer wear parts than conventional strapping heads • Extra durable wear parts • No belts, pulleys or adjustments • Easy access to strap path • No special handling equipment or lifting device is needed for maintenance Increased savings • Save up to 15% on strapping by converting to Signode’s modular technology • Up to 60% fewer maintenance costs than conventional strapping heads Less downtime • Simple, waist high strap loading • 15% less coil changeovers • Three minute head change-out • Faster strap feed and take-up rates improve cycle times The MHC heads can be easily integrated into previously installed CLM-8 systems and competitive machines in as little as one day

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