Dunnage Bags

With our Dunnage Bags, you can secure your cargo in transit, whether you need to transport cargo by sea, container, rail or road. The Dunnage Bag is filled with compressed air and can be placed in the gaps of your cargo. Once inflated, Dunnage Bags can then provide support and stabilize the cargo effectively. Your goods won’t be damaged because of the ability of the Dunnage Bag to immobilize shifting movements during shipping or transport.

The inner portion of our Dunnage Bags is crafted of high-quality polyethylene film for an air-tight seal. The outer portion of our Dunnage Bags is crafted of polypropylene for optimal strength. All materials are recyclable, and have no heavy metals.

Sizes of our Dunnage Bags come in 36” by 48” and 48” by 96”.

To learn more about our Dunnage Bags, call USA Strapping at (888) 768-0001 or click to Add to Quote.

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