How to Reduce Employee Turnover in the Warehouse Industry

Smiling Employees in Warehouse

Employee turnover is a real problem in the US. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average turnover rate across all industries in the U.S. is somewhere between 12-15%. If you look at just the warehouse industry specifically this number jumps to close to 50%. This massive spike shows the importance … Read more

USA Strapping – Transportation Industry Trends for 2022

Truck and highway at sunset - transportation background

The transportation industry has seen quite a bit of change over the past several years. COVID and other factors have led to several challenges that transportation companies must face head-on. At USA Strapping, we keep our pulse on the transportation industry due to our wide array of strapping products. This blog will highlight some of … Read more

Russia Ukraine Crisis Looks to Impact Supply Chain Over Long Term

View of Shipping Container

While the global supply chain has been impacted significantly since the beginning of the pandemic, the recent Russia-Ukraine military crisis has brought additional economic and political uncertainty. This uncertainty is sure to further impact the already strained supply chain we’ve been dealing with over the past several years. True Impact of Ukraine Crisis Will Depend … Read more

7 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Diesel Fuel

Diesel Trucks Filling Up on Fuel

With fuel prices on the rise, many transportation companies are looking for ways to save wherever possible. Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses facing transportation companies today so any uptick in prices can really make a huge difference when it comes to the bottom line. Read on to learn several ways trucking companies … Read more

Experts Predict Current Shipping Woes Will Carry On as 2022 Continues

Mid distance view of diverse cargo handlers and supervisors approaching camera in reflective vests and hardhats amidst stacks of cargo containers.

Trusted economists are claiming that the delays in shipping will continue to hinder major trade lanes well into the new year. Without much of a resolution in sight, the backlogs being experienced by many businesses due to backups at the nation’s biggest ports are not set to resolve anytime soon. Shipping entryways like the Ports … Read more