How to Maximize Warehouse Storage Space Without Moving

How to Maximize Warehouse Storage Space Without Moving

With an ever-growing list of products, less space to work with, and rising land costs, moving your warehouse will often be more expensive and hassle than it’s worth. Technically, your distribution center is out of space when it reaches 85% capacity in the warehouse, shipping, and receiving areas. So, what can you do to maximize … Read more

Tips to Reduce Warehouse Travel and Boost Efficiency

Walking through Warehouse

Traveling through the warehouse consumes a large portion of time, raising the cost of labor, specifically regarding order picking. So, how can you reduce travel time and boost warehouse efficiency? Here are 5 tips to save you time and money and increase productivity in your warehouse. 1) Optimize Your Layout To boost efficiency, you must … Read more

New ANSI Racking Guidelines for 2023

Steel Storage Racks

ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, is a US-based organization that provides guidelines for standards and workplace safety. Regarding the shipping industry, ANSI is the publisher of the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute, or RMI, guidelines for guidelines in the United States. So, what is new for 2023? Below we will highlight the essential details of … Read more

Importance of Proper Pallet Wrapping

Woman Pallet Wrapping

The obvious reason for wrapping pallets is to protect your palletized goods in transit and storage. However, a lot can go into proper pallet wrapping that may not be readily apparent at first glance. It protects not just your goods but can safeguard your workers from potential injury and keep you from being held liable … Read more

Safe Driving Tips for Log Truck Drivers

Truck with Logs Driving on the Road

Long haul trucking within the logging industry is among the most complex and dangerous types of heavy truck driving. Unlike traditional freight, log truck drivers will likely have to drive through rough terrain, narrow lanes, and long stretches of open roads without support or services. Staying safe is integral to your health, and the safest … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Polypropylene And Polyester Strapping?

Warehouse Worker Moving Boxes

Parcel strapping is an essential part of the shipping industry. Whether you are a small operation going one pallet at a time or your inventory fills warehouses across the country, you will need strapping products and shipping couriers to move your products. In the world of strapping, there are a few options for strapping down … Read more

How Do You Secure A Pallet For Shipping?

Pallets With Boxes and Stretch Film

When dealing in the shipping industry, moving goods safely and securely is paramount for doing effective business. Whether you are an industry pro or just starting to ramp up sales where you need pallet shipping options, several practices in securing your pallets may save you a lot of time and money. Here we have a … Read more

Tips to Ensure Your Fleet is Ready for an Increase in DOT Inspections

Department of Transportation (DOT) Fleet Inspections have been on the rise since the last days of 2020. They are growing in rapidity year-over-year as the nature of the market continues to see an overhaul of operating practices. Is your fleet ready to submit to an inspection? What should you do to improve and pass every … Read more

The Importance of Proper Load Securement in the Trucking Industry

Loading Trucks with Product

Proper load securement is a simple precaution that trucking company owners often overlook in pursuing ever-quicker turnover times and efficient use of space. However, an improperly secured load can be far more damaging than the time or money slacking on safety can bring regarding loss of products, lawsuits, and customer satisfaction. Further, an improperly secured … Read more

The Benefits of Using Polyester Strapping for Your Shipping Needs

Blue Polyester Strapping

Steel is a strong material that has few equals, save for polyester. Steel strapping has been an industry standard for decades and is used for heavy loads on trains, trucks, and aircraft interiors worldwide. Polyester strapping, while not new, has slowly improved over the years and is now one of the premier materials for strapping … Read more