What is Holding Back the EV Truck Industry?

Electric Trucking Lined Up for Power

The EV industry has taken the roads by storm, yet EV trucks are struggling to hit the pavement in force. What is holding the trucking industry back if electric vehicles are indeed the future? Two significant factors are keeping the reigns taught on the eventual stampede of electric trucks. Real-World Range And System Infrastructure Traditional … Read more

Shipping Trends to Watch for in 2023

Closeup of Taping Box for Shipping

Shipping and the general transport of goods have undergone extreme changes in the past decade. Things like the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in online shopping, and armed conflicts in various regions have made massive changes in the early 2020s. So, what should you keep an eye on for 2023? Read on to find out what the … Read more

How AI and Robots are Helping Ease the Supply Chain Crisis

Two People Talking In Warehouse

The COVID-19 epidemic caused severe disruptions in the global supply chain. Over the past fifty years, efforts have been made worldwide to streamline supply chain lines, making them that much more efficient. Unfortunately, when a significant disruption occurred, such as the shutdowns and labor shortages associated with the pandemic, the global supply chain faltered until … Read more

New California Law Could Cause Additional Supply Chain Issues

Truck on Open Road

Assembly Bill 5 is a recently enacted law in California that makes it difficult for companies to give independent contractors the same rights as employees. Employers are legally entitled to such benefits as workers’ compensation, overtime, minimum wage, and sick pay. Many companies were previously successfully classifying independent contractors not as contractors but as employees … Read more

Tips for New Owner Operator Truck Drivers

Closeup of Truck Driver Getting Keys

If you’re looking to start your own trucking company or are a new business owner, you likely understand that the trucking industry can be advantageous but taxing if not managed correctly. We’ve put together a few tips to help you operate efficiently and profitably as an owner-operator in the trucking industry. Make Sure You’re Healthy … Read more

How Technology Improves Warehouse Efficiency

Woman Walking in Warehouse with Technology Effects

Warehouse efficiency has been, and continues to be, critical. The exemplary systems are crucial to ensuring the most efficient plant operations possible. Now, more than ever, people are purchasing products online, and demand for logistical efficiencies is at an all-time high. Having the right technologies in place can certainly do a lot to boost overall … Read more

USA Strapping: New Federal Guidelines Impact New CDL Training Requirements

Man Next To Truck Holding CDL License

The demand for truckers is rising, and many are eager to get on the road with incentives like signing bonuses and excellent benefits. Whether truck drivers are traveling two miles or 2,000 miles, they must always maintain a high standard of safety when they are transporting freight. There have never been uniform safety requirements for … Read more

USA Strapping: How to Boost Company Morale in 2022

Back Of Woman Talking About Company Morale

Maintaining the energy and excitement of your team members is an essential factor in reaching the company’s goals. As a leader, ensuring that your workers have job satisfaction is one of your responsibilities. However, some company owners tend to forget about this. They are so focused on growing the business that they sometimes fail to … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Polypropylene Strapping

Closeup of Hands Using Polypropylene Strapping

We manufacture a wide variety of strapping products at USA Strapping, including highly versatile polypropylene and polyester strapping materials. We’ve found some of our customers have questions about the proper uses for strapping materials and more general questions about why certain types of materials work well in various applications. Read on to learn more about … Read more