Poly Cord Strapping

As strong as steel, you don’t ever have to worry about safety or the need to use extra equipment with our woven poly cord strapping. With its one-of-a-kind cross-weave pattern, you get the highest levels of durability and strength so you can get the most life out of the materials you use.

Thoroughly tested, our poly cord strapping doesn’t have any sharp edges and won’t lead to cuts.  This poly cord strapping can absorb shifting load impacts and won’t rust or stain your products. These products also feature weather/UV resistance, with each poly cord strapping rollable to be fastened by hand or with a buckle.

Choose from the following poly cord strapping products:

  • Polyester cord strapping
  • Polyester cord lashing

They are available in various break strengths and widths, and they come in either orange or white.

Check out more about our poly cord strapping products when you visit USA Strapping at 888-768-0001.

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