Signode PN2-114 Tensioner Tool

If you’re looking for quality Signode PN2-114 Tensioner Tool products, we offer many types as part of our Signode steel banding tools line. From adjustment screws and backend plates to ball bearings and bevel washers, we have any PN2-114 tensioner you need. We are proud sellers of all types of tools from Signode, a world-class manufacturer of strapping tools, including the PN2-114 tensioner. Signode pneumatic tensioners makes it easy to strap large or compressible packages, backed by uniformity and precision via air regulator adjustment. Featuring a quick-disconnect plug, the PN2-114 tensioner is a versatile component to have in your tool box.

Choose from the following Signode PN2-114 Tensioner Tool products and so much more:

  • Ball bearing
  • Bevel washer
  • Adjustment screw
  • Back end plate
  • Deflector assembly
  • Dowel pin
  • Flanged bushing
  • Pivot pin
  • On-off label
  • Valve collar

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