Serrated Polyester Strapping Seals

From tire tread seals to 5/8 serrated seals, USA Strapping has all the serrated polyester strapping seals you need for your business or hobby. Our serrated seals are designed to improve strapping performance through the creation of a strong seal joint. The serrated inner face on the serrated polyester strapping seal provides an excellent and strong grip. They can be used in conjunction with Polypropylene or Polyester straps.

Simply crimp these serrated seals with a quality sealer, which will hold the strapping in place after you pull it tight with a tensioner. serrated polyester strapping seals have teeth for a better hold, as opposed to smooth polyester seals. USA Strapping sells a variety of serrated polyester strapping seals in all sizes ranging from 5/8 inch to ¾ inch to ½ inch.

Eager to know more about our serrated polyester strapping seals? Visit at 888-803-8140.

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