Screw Clutch Plug For MIP 1300 Tensioner

Part for MIP 1300 Tensioner

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Designed for use with the MIP-1300 feedwheel steel strap tensioner from USA Strapping, the screw clutch plug for MIP 1300 Tensioner is a critical component of this useful tool. The tensioner allows the operator to achieve desired tension with minimal effort, interruption, and strap waste.

USA Strapping offers this quality screw clutch plug for MIP 1300 for use in any warehouse, factory or work setting. This product holds the tensioner in place for effortless use. Most tensioners have a base underneath the strapping that rests on the flat end of the object that is being strapped. The serrated feedwheel firmly engages the strapping for fast and easy use with painted and waxed strapping. We stand behind the quality of this screw clutch plug for MIP 1300 Tensioner for the ultimate in easy operation.

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