P626 P726 Semi Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine

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Model P626/P726 and Model P626E/P726E Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines. Automatic motor shut-off if not used within 60 seconds. Offers instant resumption of operation when needed. Heater blade reaches operating temperature in just 5 seconds and maintains an optimum operation level thereafter. Easy PC board replacement. All operating functions such as strap feed, strap tension and heater bar temperatures are controlled by a printed circuit board. In the event of a circuit failure, replacement is a quick and easy operation. High speed transmission with electromagnetic clutch, allows for excellent performance of only 1.5 per second cycle, providing less wearing components, for better reliability and longevity. Capacitor start motor reduces the ”start” current of the motor to prevent overheating. Unique heater elements avoids electric leakage, short circuits and lengthens the life of the heater blade. Adjustable package guides ensure positioning accuracy of package over sealing head. Accepts strap sizes 1/4”, 3/8”,or 1/2” with no additional parts required. Through the use of an outside adjustable knob the strap tension can be adjusted up to 132 pounds without the need to open the top cover. Low voltage control circuit for operator safety Note: Model P626E and P726E have electrically controlled tension

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Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 29 in