Orgapack ORT-400 Battery Combo Tool Tooth Plate

Part for Orgapack ORT-400 Battery Combo Tool

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You need this tooth plate to operate the Orgapack ORT-400 battery combo tool. Also known as a gripper, the tooth plate provides just the right amount of tension and pull you need to properly operate this tool for efficiency and ease of use. Here at USA Strapping, we sell replacement parts such as this tooth plate as well as make repairs to any parts you may have in order to operate this high quality combo tool.

Meant to be used with our battery-operated banders for polyester and polypropylene poly banding, the tooth plate is part of a tool manufactured by Orgapack in Switzerland, and can be used in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic mode. This is a unique feature you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Enjoy the user-friendly, well-balanced design of this tooth plate for  the best in durability and longevity.

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