Signode PH-2 Tensioner

Our Signode PH-2 tensioner is a rack and pinion tensioner designed for heavy round or irregular-shaped applications. It uses a serrated grip in order to hold the pulled end of the strapping, and can be used in conjunction with dry or lubricated strapping. USA Strapping sells affordable, durable Signode PH-2 tensioner products and accessories of all kinds. Part of our Signode steel banding tools line, PH-2 tensioners ensure your packages and cargo will stay secure for transport or storage.

Our Signode PH-2 tensioner products include:

  • Breaker foot
  • Breaker nose pin for Signode PH2 rack and pinion strapping
  • Gripper pin
  • Gripper spring
  • Long pawl
  • Long rack PH-2
  • Short pawl
  • Stretch handle
  • Slide housing

Eager to know more about our Signode PH-2 tensioner products or any Signode steel banding tools? Visit at 888-803-8140.

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