Composite Strapping Dispenser

As part of our strapping tools and dispensers line, we have all the composite strapping dispenser tools you could need, from 8” core to 6” core. The composite strapping dispenser quite simply dispenses strapping. This is our Economy Strapping Dispenser, featuring a solid steel construction and disk insert as well as large upper tray to place tools. For additional mobility, our composite strapping dispenser has rubber tires.

This products works equally well with both cord and poly straps.

Choose from the following composite strapping dispenser products:

  • Economy dispenser 6” core
  • Mounted oscillating dispenser 8” core
  • Cord strapping dispenser
  • Wound steel strapping dispenser

Check out more about our composite strapping dispensers when you visit USA Strapping at 888-768-0001.

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