Open/Snap On Galvanized Seals

From ½ inch galvanized seals to ¾ inch galvanized seals, we offer many types of Open/Snap On Galvanized Seals products here at USA Strapping. Open/Snap On Galvanized Seals happen to be the most common type of seal used in a variety of industries. Thanks to this high strength steel, our Open/Snap On Galvanized Seals provide a secure seal. Plus, they prevent rust.

Rest assured, our Open/Snap On Heavy Duty Galvanized Seals are the best for securing all kinds of strapped loads, with the seal applied either before or after the banding has been tightened.

Choose from a variety of sizes, from ½ inch to 3/8 inch to 5/8 inch.

To inquire more about our steel banding regular duty seals, specifically Open/Snap On Galvanized Seals, contact USA Strapping at the following number: (888) 768-0001 or you could hit our “Add to Quote” button.

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