Hand-Grade Polypropylene Strapping 8 x 8 Core

When you need a high-quality hand-grade polypropylene strapping product, you need USA Strapping’s 8×8 core. It comes in a variety of widths and sizes, from a half inch to ¾ inch and beyond. We also offer 8×8 core in a variety of break strengths for your convenience. This strapping fits 8×8” core carts for the ultimate in strapping capabilities.

With embossed finishing and black coloring, you can’t go wrong choosing our versatile 8×8 core for all your bundling, securing, and strapping needs. USA Strapping is your resource no matter what kind of 8×8 Core hand-grade polypropylene strapping product you require.

To inquire about our 8×8 Core hand grade polypropylene strapping products, contact us at USA Strapping at (888) 768-0001 or explore “Add to Quote”.

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