16 x 3 Core Strapping

Our machine-grade polypropylene strapping is second to none. Here at USA Strapping, we stand behind all our 16×3 Core strapping products, whether you want ½ inch x 3600 ft x 525 pounds or ½ inch x 4500 ft x 250 pounds.

Our black hand-grade polypropylene strapping is thinner than other products such as the 8×8 Core strapping, but its versatility is unmatched. A perfect choice for machine applications, the 16×3 Core strapping makes a great addition for any warehouse or shipping department. The 16×3 Core strapping is one of our more common applications, available in black.

To inquire more about our 16×3 core strapping, contact USA Strapping at the following number: (888) 768-0001 or you could hit our “Add to Quote” button.

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