16 x 3 Polyester PET Strapping Core

Choose USA Strapping when you need polyester PET strapping 16 x 3 core. Our green strapping is, in fact, 80 percent lighter than steel with less elongation than the material polypropylene. The polyester PET strapping 16 x 3 core replaces steel strapping for both medium- and heavy-duty applications. Did you know it’s 50 percent less expensive than steel?

From 820 to 1200 pound breaks, our polyester PET strapping 16 x 3 core products are versatile and can fit a wide variety of strapping applications. Use it to ship bricks, beverage pallets, metals, and other heavyweight packages easily.

Check out more regarding our high-quality Polyester PET Strapping 16 x 30 Core when you visit at 888-803-8140.

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