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buckles clips strapping phosphate galvanized bright, seals, Serrated Seal, Uline
USA Strapping Heavy Duty 16MMHD 5/8" Phosphate Coated Wire Buckles are designed for superior holding power. Our buckles provide maximum joint efficiency for the highest system strength on the...
Super Tymer Cutter
STOP! Reduce the Risk of Injury from flying metal banding.
The Super Tymer EZ-Cut Safety Steel Strap cutter is designed to be extra safe and is able to prevent wider objects from getting caught in the cutting area. This strap cutter can be used to cut steel...
Encore EP-1650, Signode Rack-and-pinion Tensioners PH-2
USA Strapping's US-1650 Heavy Duty Pusher Rack Tensioner with Limited Take-Up. Ideal for Round Package Loads. For Strap Widths 5/8” - 1-1/4” For Strap Gauges .023 to .035

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Great products, great service.  Safer than steel banding