Part for Orgapack ORT-400 Battery Combo Tool

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The ORT250 is the latest battery-operated bander manufacturer by Orgapack. This hand held edge bander is manufactured in Switzerland and will run Polyester or Polypropylene poly banding. This is the only battery bander in the market that can be operated in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual mode. The user friendly and well-balanced design offers unbelievable performance and ease of operation without compromising quality and longevity. Uses a 14.4v Li-Ion battery to allow up to 400 straps per battery. Used on 1/2″ or 5/8″ PET or PP poly banding. We stock banders and replacement parts for you convenience. All repairs to banders are done within our facility and replacement parts are stocked for immediate shipping. Parts schematic and operations manual for the Orgapack ORT400.


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