Woven lashing cord is manufactured to ensure the safety and secure the cargo from damage. USA Strapping has a comprehensive range of cargo lashing products to offer. We can accommodate various cargo securing systems to meet your needs.

Woven lashing cord systems ensure that cargo transported by either road, rail, or sea freight will arrive at its destination without damage.

Industries Using Cargo Lashing:

  • Machinery – engines, equipment, construction
  • Steel and metal – Pipes, sheeting, beams
  • Lifting – Cranes
  • Automotive – cars, parts in transit
  • Chemical – Drums and containers
  • Construction – Concrete products, scaffold, precast, bricks and brickyards
  • Shipping – Crates, containers, cargo, bundled loads in containers.
  • Ports and terminals – Loading, lifting, and packing.
  • Export Packing – Cargo lashing for secure import/export.
  • Pulp and paper – Bulk transportation
  • Plastics – Piping, sheeting, and castings
  • Vessels – Containerization, irregular shaped cargo
  • Transportation – Trucking, railroad

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