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This Portable Strapping Systems comes with (1) 3/4" x 250 ft. coil of 1500 lb Break Bonded Strap, AVB6 Phosphate Buckles, (1) PRO-210 Ratchet Tensioning Tool With Cutter and a USA Strapping...
19mm HD Phosphate coated wire buckle, uline packaging, clip, steel seal, fastene
USA Strapping Heavy Duty 19MMHD-200 3/4" (200/box) Phosphate Coated Wire Buckles are Engineered for superior holding power. Our buckles are engineered specifically to provide maximum joint...
12-O, signode 12-O, samuel 12-O seal, buckles,
USA Strappings 1/2" Open/Snap On Regular Duty Steel Strapping Seal is most often used with steel strapping. It's high-strength carbonized steel provides a secure seal. Galvanized to prevent...


Instructional and Product Demo Videos
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USA Strapping 2700-34 Woven Polyester vs 3/4" x .025 High Tensile Steel

This video contains large truss drops using Woven Polyester Strapping. The video also contains dropping a lift of OSB with 2700-34 Woven Polyester Strapping and then dropping the same load with 3/4" x .025 High Tensile Steel Banding. You can compare the advantages of using High Tenacity Woven Polyester Strapping for your applications.

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10,000 lb container Lashing for over seas shipping

USA Strapping has a complete line of Woven Polyester Cord Strapping, Heavy Duty Lashing and all the accessories needed to safely secure your cargo. In this video we are using our 10,000 lb break lashing to secure large coils of steel within a container for overseas shipment. Contact us if you would like us to visit your facility for a demonstration.

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New! USA-B11 Battery Tensioner for Cord (lashing and webbing) Strapping

This is the first battery bander/tensioner made in the USA! Need an easy way to pull cord strap tight? The USA-B11 comes with 2 batteries (18 volt lithium) and a charger. This is the most convenient way to use cord strapping yet! There are no pneumatic lines to drag. The battery last about 300 pulls! This tool uses a patent pending drill to drive the windlass tensioner! Now you can use a drill (currently the Milwaukee fuel 18 volt) to pull your cord strap tight! The drill was designed for tough outdoor use, which is perfect for your battery cord tensioner! There is enough power for the most demanding loads, 2700 pounds of tension on high torque mode, or run very fast on high speed mode.

Our opinion on this tool: What a great idea! Use a great drill to power the tensioner! Battery tools for polyester strapping were plagued with motors and circuit boards burning up. Now you can go to Home Depot and buy an inexpensive drill if anything ever goes bad!

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