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Uline S-13080, signode, Samuel High Tensile Seal
USA Strapping 1 1/4" x 2-Semi-Open Snap-On Heavy Duty Steel Strapping Seal for 1-1/4" High Tensile Steel Banding. It's high-strength carbonized steel provides a secure seal, galvanized...
Heavy Duty Woven Polyester Cord Strapping
700-38 USA Strapping’s Woven Polyester Strapping gets you the strength of steel without the safety concerns or extra equipment. It's easier to use but it still has the high break strengths you...
32MMGALV Galvanized Wire Buckle, buckle, clip, seal, fastener
USA Strapping Heavy Duty 1-1/2" 32MMGALV Galvanized Finish Buckles for superior holding power. Our buckles provide maximum joint efficiency for the highest system strength on the market and are...

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