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65HD Uniline Polyester Cord Strap, B1500-34-2500 3/4 Bonded Polyester Cord Strap
B1500-34-2500 is a 3/4" x 2500 ft. x 1500 lb Break Bonded Polyester Cord Strapping. This strap requires the 19MMHD Phosphate Buckle for the highest joint efficiency to maintain a secure safe...
Regular duty ribbon wound steel banding from USA Strapping
USA 3/8" x .015 x 700 lb Break. Regular Duty oscillated wound Steel Banding is a cold-rolled, low carbon steel strapping. This item is manufactured with superior edge conditioning for optimal...
cable ties strap on, strapping, nylon rope, non woven, tie down, lifting straps
PRO-KIT M2700 is a portable strapping system. This kit comes with a 19" Tool Box, PRO-BAR, 100 19MM Buckles and 1 Coil of 3/4" x 2700 lb Break x 250 ft of High Tenacity Woven Polyester...

Short Coils

Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
3/4" x 2700 lb x 250 ft High Tenacity Woven Polyester Strapping Short Coils 2700-34-250 3/4" 250 ft 2700 lbs 10 Per Case 27 Cases per Pallet
4000-114-150 1-1/4" x 4200 lb x 150 ft High Tenacity Woven Polyester Strapping 4000-114-150 1 1/4" 150 ft 4200 lbs 10 Per Case 27 Cases per Pallet
4000-250-USA Printed "USA Strapping" 1-1/4" x 250 ft. x 4000 lb Break Short Coil 4000-250-USA 1 1/4" 250 ft 4200 lbs 10 Per Case 140 Cases per Pallet
5000-112-150 1-1/2" x 5200 lb x 150 ft High Tenacity Woven Polyester Strapping 5000-112-150 1 1/2" 150 ft 5200 lbs 10 Per Case 27 Cases per Pallet
Polyester is the most rigid of all strapping materials. It elongates significant PET5840001400-SC 5/8" 300 ft 1400 lbs 1 Per Case
Short Coil steel Banding 3/4" x .020 34020-SC 3/4" 300 ft 1800 lbs 1 Per Case 1 Cases per Pallet
Short Coil - 3/4" x .023 x 300 ft x 2050 Break Regular Duty Steel Banding 34023-SC 3/4" 300 ft 2050 lbs 1 Per Case 14 Cases per Pallet
USA Strapping's 1/2" x 650 LB x 3900 FT. White High Tenacity Hot Melt Bonded Pol B-650-12-250-USA 1/2" 250 ft 650 lbs 10 Per Case
Bonded High Tenacity Polyester Filiments uniline B1500-34-250 3/4" 250 ft 1500 lbs 10 Per Case 27 Cases per Pallet

USA Strapping always puts the customer first. We don’t just offer the best strapping at the best prices. We also offer some of our most popular polyester cord and steel banding in smaller, conveniently sized rolls so you only buy as much as you have to for the job. Short Coil Cord Poly Strap: Polyester Cord Strap is a viable replacement for metal banding in many applications.

  • Polyester Straps in rolls as short as 150’
  • Widths as low as ¾”
  • Short Coil Rolls With Capacities up to 5200 lbs Poly Cord Straps has the strength of Steel Strapping but it’s safer and easier to use. It’s lightweight and will not corrode or stain your cargo. It’s also resistant to chemicals and weather extremes. Steel Strapping Highlights: There are some jobs when steel banding is the only strapping that will do.
  • Steel straps in rolls as short a 100’
  • Widths as low as 5/8”
  • Short Coil Rolls With Capacities up to 1800 lbs.
  • Regular Duty and High Tensile upon request
  • Zinc and Galvanized finishes available

These short coil rolls were intended as replacements for our starter kits but we’ve made them available to all customers who prefer smaller sizes for everyday use. That’s how committed we are to being your number one choice for straps and supplies. We won’t subject you to pricey upsells you don’t need. That’s just one of the benefits of going with an owner operated strap supplier like USA Strapping. Other benefits include a commitment to craftsmanship, pride in our products and a personal stake in earning your loyalty. That’s the kind of service the other guys just can’t offer. We’re committed to supplying you with super-strong polyester cord strap and steel banding at the right length for you. For Superior Performance Only Use USA Strapping Certified Wire Buckles and Seals.