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Mini Max
MINI-MAX SERIES - Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine. Features: • 60 second warm u
MINI-MAX SERIES - Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine. Features: • 60 second warm up time • Heavy-duty, hinged, stainless steel Top • Straps virtually any size carton • Easy strap loading • Handles 6, 9...
3/4" Regular Duty Steel Banding Mill Wound
3/4" x .028 x 2300 lb Break. Regular Duty oscillated wound Steel Banding is a cold-rolled, low carbon steel strapping. This item is manufactured with superior edge conditioning for optimal...
25MMGALV, Galvanized Wire Buckle, clip, stell buckle, fastener, serrated seal
USA Strapping Heavy Duty 1" 25MMGALV Galvanized Finish Buckles for superior holding power. Our buckles provide maximum joint efficiency for the highest system strength on the market and are...


Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
Stainless Steel 1-1/4" x 2" Heavy Duty Pusher/Closed Seal For High Tensile Stain 10-PSS-100 1 1/4" 100 Per Case 60 Cases per Pallet
USA Strapping 1-1/4" x 2" Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Pusher/Closed Seals fo 10-PSS 1 1/4" 1000 Per Case 48 Cases per Pallet

USA Strapping carries seals for our metal, polyester and polypropylene strapping. Whatever you’re using, from metal banding to poly cord, we’re able to help you find the right seals for your cargo. POLY CORD STRAP SEALS The proper metal seals for poly strapping are often determined by load or package characteristics. Different seals work with different strapping materials and weights, and in some cases a strapping buckle is the best option to secure your poly cord. Closed seals are used in conjunction with low volume banding, or in strapping situations where you only need medium tension. Heavier loads may be tensioned and sealed with manual tensioners that offer increased strength. But in the heaviest loads, or in cases where you need the maximum tension, you may require manual banding tools and a combination of seals, including metal textured seals or serrated strapping seals (tire tread pattern.) We also offer Phosphate, Galvanized and Bright Buckles for use with Woven Poly Strap, Composite Strap and PP Strapping. STEEL STRAPPING SEALERS There are different types of sealers for steel straps. Standard Duty Sealers like the Double Notch “Down-Cut” Sealer yield high joint efficiency and are often used with a Feed-Wheel style banding tensioner on regular shaped loads. Single Notch Up-Cut Sealers, on the other hand, are ideal for use on irregular shaped loads and are usually used with push-type, manual banding tensioners. Heavy Duty Sealers are ruggedly built for trouble-free service with Heavy Duty or High Tensile metal strapping. Up Notch Sealers are usually used with push or thread-on type seals. Down-Notch Sealers can be used with most seal types except crimp. Crimp sealers are always used with special crimp type seals. For Superior System Performance Only Use USA Strapping Certified Wire Buckles and Seals.