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Signode steel seal, Samuel 34P, Samuel 34SP, Signode 34 SPC
USA Strappings 3/4" Closed/Pusher Regular Duty Steel Strapping Seal is most often used with steel strapping. Its high-strength carbonized steel provides a secure seal. Galvanized to prevent rust...
Extruded Polyester Strapping is available in both machine grade and hand grade o
16" x 6" Coil. Our Extruded Polyester Strapping (PET) is a viable alternative to steel, even for demanding industries like lumber, construction and shipping. The advantages are clear. First...
B-6 3/4" Phosphate Wire Buckles, Seal, serrated Seal, clip, fastener
USA Strapping B-6 3/4" Phosphate Wire Buckles are designed for superior holding power in all weather conditions. This is the ideal buckle for regular duty woven, bonded and uniline strapping....

Polypropylene Strapping

Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
The P100 Trackless Strapping Machine is Samuel's most versatile and economical s P100 1 Per Case 1 Cases per Pallet
P714 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine P714 1 Per Case 1 Cases per Pallet
Polypro, Polypropylene, black Strap, Plastic strap, nylon strap, polyester strap hald 1/2" 9000 ft 350 lbs 1 Per Case 56 Cases per Pallet

USA Strapping carries a wide range of products to suit varying the needs of our customers, across a range of industries, offering everything from lumber straps to steel banding and everything in-between. Amongst all our strapping products, Polypropylene Strapping (also known as PP Straps) is the economic option because they feature a lighter weight and the greatest elongation – up to 20% in some cases, depending on how it’s used. Polypropylene straps are perfect for general use in your warehouse because of their durability despite their low-cost. They are also versatile, giving users the ability to mold into contours for securing odd-shaped packages or irregular pallets. This top-of-the-line polypropylene strapping has a break strength of up to 1000 lbs and the has ability to heat seal with a joint efficiency of up to 70%-80%. Our polypropylene strap rolls are up to 12,900ft in length, with a widths of up to ¾”. Contact one of our sales associates to find out if polypropylene strapping is right for you.