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PET125800770-3 1/2" x .025 x 3600 ft. x 775 lb break 16" x 3" Coil Green Smooth Machine Grade Extruded Polyester Strapping. Polyester is the most rigid of all strapping materials. It...
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Polypropylene Strapping

Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
The P100 Trackless Strapping Machine is Samuel's most versatile and economical s P100 1 Per Case 1 Cases per Pallet
P714 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine P714 1 Per Case 1 Cases per Pallet
Polypro, Polypropylene, black Strap, Plastic strap, nylon strap, polyester strap hald 1/2" 9000 ft 350 lbs 1 Per Case 56 Cases per Pallet

USA Strapping carries a wide range of products to suit varying the needs of our customers, across a range of industries, offering everything from lumber straps to steel banding and everything in-between. Amongst all our strapping products, Polypropylene Strapping (also known as PP Straps) is the economic option because they feature a lighter weight and the greatest elongation – up to 20% in some cases, depending on how it’s used. Polypropylene straps are perfect for general use in your warehouse because of their durability despite their low-cost. They are also versatile, giving users the ability to mold into contours for securing odd-shaped packages or irregular pallets. This top-of-the-line polypropylene strapping has a break strength of up to 1000 lbs and the has ability to heat seal with a joint efficiency of up to 70%-80%. Our polypropylene strap rolls are up to 12,900ft in length, with a widths of up to ¾”. Contact one of our sales associates to find out if polypropylene strapping is right for you.