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PRO-230 Regular Duty Ratchet Tensioner, H23, H-23 Extruded Polyester
USA Strapping PRO-230 Regular Duty Ratchet Tensioner with cutter is designed to work with Extruded Polyester strapping up to 3/4". This is a Regular Duty hand tool that is designed for Extruded...
3/4" High Tensile Oscillated Wound Mill Wound Steel Banding
3/4" x .029 x 3150 lb Break Oscillated Wound High Tensile is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping. It is a heat-treated process that combines fine surface and controlled physical...
blade, knofe, sharp, x-change blade, safety blade, safety knife
1201 Pack of 10 Replacement blades for the 1200 USA X-Change Safety Cutter.

Composite Strapping

Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
USA Strapping CC65 is a 3/4" x 1640 ft. x 1400 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord CC85 1" 1640 ft 1800 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC40 - 1/2" x 3610 ft. x 660 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping CC40 1/2" 3610 ft 660 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC50 is a 5/8" x 2790 ft. x 950 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping CC50 5/8" 2790 ft 950 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC60 is a 3/4" x 1965 ft. x 1050 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping CC60 3/4" 1965 ft 1050 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC105 is a 1-1/4" x 770 ft. x 3550 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping CC105 1 1/4" 770 ft 3550 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
USA Strapping CC105-AAR is a 1-1/4" x 820 ft. x 3300 lb Break AAR Approved Compo CC105-AAR 92 1 1/4" 820 ft 3300 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC65 is a 3/4" x 1640 ft. x 1450 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping CC65 3/4" 1640 ft 1450 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet
CC69, composite, cord, plastic strap, extruded Cord Strap, , CC69 3/4" 1640 ft 1800 lbs 2 Per Case 30 Cases per Pallet

USA Composite Strapping is a state of the art innovation in non-metallic polyester strapping technology that covers your cord strapping, banding and lumber strap issues without hassle or headache. The benefit to you and your operation is clear: this new polyester strapping is safer, more effective and easier to handle thanks to the 100% High Tenacity Industrial Polyester Cord Filaments interwoven within the weather-resistant polymer coating. This new technology allows you to reinforce your cargo with the best straps on the market at a price you can afford. The Benefits of Composite Strapping

  • Stronger
  • Safer
  • Will Not Stain Your Cargo
  • More resistant to extreme weather

Only use the amount needed, no waste Our composite strapping is very light, with none of the sharp edges associated with metal banding or less flexible extruded polyester products. Our polyester strapping is definitely superior to steel banding, allowing you to load/off-load safely and easily. Tension is applied using a ratcheting tensioner and our Certified Galvanized Wire Buckle for optimum joint efficiency. It’s a fast bundling and banding tool process. Just load your products and go! These are better straps, safer straps and more reliable straps than what you’re currently using. When you utilize USA Composite Strapping, you lower the risk of injury during strap tensioning or product removal because it is made from 100% polyester. That’s right, whether you need lumber straps, or composite polyester straps for any industrial application, these straps are safer and stronger. In addition, our composite polyester strapping isn't fixed length so it’s ideal for shipping over-sized cargo over long distances. USA Composite Strapping is available in large rolls to accommodate any custom lengths you need – no matter how large. USA Composite Polyester Strapping also protects from damage to the surface of your cargo because these polyester straps are made from synthetic materials that prevent scratches and stains. USA Composite Strapping does not corrode or stain. Our polyester straps will also absorb impact forces that occur during transportation, protecting the integrity of your cargo without breaking or snapping. This is a polyester cord strapping solution that is lightweight and practical, allowing your crew to unload by hand, in complete safety, without costly extra precautions. That alone is probably enough for you to make the switch to USA Composite Polyester Strapping. But did you know that our industrial straps maintain their shape and tension even under the most rigorous weather conditions? That’s right. The polyester cord fibers that give our USA Composite Polyester straps their strength also offer better weather resistance to high temperatures, ultraviolet rays and moisture than metal banding products. Compared to plastic straps, nylon straps, older lumber straps or other industrial straps, USA Composite Straps are a better choice: stronger, lighter and safer. Making the switch to USA Composite Strapping for your lumber straps or industrial straps really is a “no brainer”.