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5/8 x .023 High Tensile Steel banding
5/8" x .023 x 2100 lb Break Oscillated Wound High Tensile is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping. It is a heat-treated process that combines fine surface and controlled physical...
USA Strapping's D-3055 Horizontal Wall/Forklift Mountable Dispenser with Strap T
USA Strapping's D-3055 Horizontal Wall/Forklift Mountable Dispenser with Strap Troller. Designed for Face Width 3/4" and 1-1/4" Steel Strapping. Standard 16" Core I.D.
EP-1225, Signode feed wheel take up tensioner, ST, T, signode th114
USA Strapping US-1850 Heavy Duty Double Notch Sealer Available for 1/2". 5/8" or 3/4" x (.023 to .031) Steel Banding

Bonded Strapping

Image Item No. Width Length Break Items/Case Cases/Pallet
B350-14 is a 1/4" x 7800 ft. x 350 lb Break Bonded Polyester Cord Strapping. Thi B350-14 1/4" 7800 ft 350 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
bonded. uniline. composite, polyester, rayon, woven, nylon, pet, polypro B400-14 1/4" 5000 ft 400 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
40P 1/2" Uniline Polyester Strapping, B650-12 Bonded Polyester Strapping B650-12 1/2" 3900 ft 650 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
USA Strapping 1/2" x 3000 ft. x 850 lb Break Bonded Polyester Cord Strapping. B850-12 1/2" 3000 ft 850 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
Bonded, Bailing, Uniline, Cord Strap, Short Coil, B500-BAILER 3/8" 3000 ft 500 lbs 4 Per Case
30P Uniline Polyester Strapping, B500-38 3/8" Bonded Polyester Strapping B500-38 3/8" 5250 ft 500 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
3/8" x 4000 ft. x 650 lb Break Bonded Polyester Cord Strapping. B650-38 3/8" 4000 ft 650 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
50P Uniline Polyester Strapping, B500-58 Bonded Polyester Strapping B800-58 5/8" 3000 ft 800 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
50HD Uniline Polyester Cord Strap, B1200-58 5/8"  x 1200 Bonded Polyester Strap B1200-58 5/8" 2000 ft 1200 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
60P 3/4" Uniline Polyester Strapping, B900-34  3/4" x 900 Bonded Polyester Strap B900-34 3/4" 2100 ft 900 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
60HD 3/4" Uniline Polyester Cord Strap, B1500-34 Bonded Polyester Cord Strap B1500-34 3/4" 1500 ft 1500 lbs 4 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
65HD Uniline Polyester Cord Strap, B1500-34-2500 3/4 Bonded Polyester Cord Strap B1500-34-2500 3/4" 2500 ft 1500 lbs 2 Per Case 18 Cases per Pallet
114HD-RW HD Uniline Polyester Cord Strap, B2200-114 Bonded Polyester Cord Strap B2200-114 1 1/4" 600 ft 2200 lbs 6 Per Case 12 Cases per Pallet
Flame Proof, flame retardant, flame resistance, fire proof, heat resistance Flame 3300-34 3/4" 2100 ft 3300 lbs 4 Per Case 10 Cases per Pallet

USA Strapping offers polyester strap made with straight-line fibers that are “hot melt bonded” with an industrial adhesive to make them as durable as possible while maintaining a lightweight and a low price point. All of our strapping products are superior and this one is no different. It’s a leap beyond what some of the other strapping suppliers offer – the companies still using a “cold glue process” to bond their poly strapping. This is a very old, vastly inferior way of making bonded that isn’t up to our standards. Our “hot melt” poly cord straps are a major advancement over the cold glue process of yesteryear. Simply put, these polyester straps are better than the competition. They’re stronger but with a smoother finish. A poly strapping that is ideal for basic needs, when extremely high break strengths aren’t required. It’s a standard-level strapping solution for simple tasks or extra reinforcement. The benefits of Bonded Poly Cord Straps Include:

  • Strong as many Steel Straps
  • More Affordable than other poly straps • Safer than Steel Strapping
  • Easier to Use than Steel
  • Will Not Corrode or Stain Cargo
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to Chemicals and Weather Extremes

These straps are designed to be versatile, for bundling and securing a variety of items from a multitude of industries. From agriculture, to landscaping, to the automotive industry, to printing companies, to anywhere shrink-wrapping is required, our bonded poly strapping is a quality product you can count on. It’s even sometimes used to secure light building products and for securing corrugated plastic in the recycling industry. This poly strapping solution is an excellent choice for balers and for use in a baling machine. These poly cord straps are sometimes called “uniline” and it’s bonded without the cross weave that give Woven Poly Straps their high tenacity, extreme break strength capabilities. But it’s a more affordable option. So if you need cord strap for lower-weight applications under 2200 lbs, then this is an excellent choice. It can be fastened with one of our easy-to-use strapping buckles or even tied with a knot in some lower weight circumstances. Some of our customers in the baler industry especially like our B500-38 poly cord strap because it is compatible with many baling machines and with other baling equipment. This bonded poly strap has a 3/8th of an-inch width and comes in rolls up to 5250ft rolls so it fits right in your baling machine. Our priority is matching customers with the right straps for their operation. We’re committed to being your number one choice for all your cord strapping supplies and accessories. That’s why we’ll only sell you the straps you need without a pricey up-sell. That’s just one of the benefits of going with an owner operated poly cord strap supplier like USA Strapping. Other benefits include a commitment to craftsmanship, pride in our products and a personal stake in earning your loyalty. That’s the kind of service the other strapping dealers just don’t offer. Bonded Polyester Strapping is available in rolls up to 7800ft long and in widths as wide as 1 ¼” with a variety of choices designed to meet the broad range of applications from all our customers. Call one of our cord strapping sales professionals to figure out the best option for your needs today!