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4000-250-USA Printed "USA Strapping" 1-1/4" x 250 ft. x 4000 lb Break Short Coil
4000-250-USA Printed "USA Strapping" 1-1/4" x 250 ft. x 4000 lb Break Short Coils. USA Strapping’s Woven Polyester Strapping gets you the strength of steel without the safety concerns...
P701-CC High Speed Automatic Corrugated Bundler
P701-CC High Speed Automatic Corrugated Bundler. Designed to meet the demands of the corrugated industry, the P701CC produces unitized corrugated loads to meet your packaging requirements. Automatic...
CC40 - 1/2" x 3610 ft. x 660 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping
USA Strapping CC40 is a 1/2" x 3610 ft. x 660 lb Break Composite Polyester Cord Strapping. This strap requires the B-5HD Buckle for the highest joint efficiency and to maintain a secure safe...


USA Strapping is a trusted supplier of premium lumber straps, steel banding, poly cord and cargo containment systems for a wide range of industries. From agricultural applications, to construction crews, to shipping companies, we have a Board of Directors and sales staff with the on-site experience to help you find the right straps, strapping tools and banding accessories for your operation no matter what you need. If you go with us, you and your cargo will be safe and secure with strapping and accessories precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. For superior performance only use USA Strapping Certified products.

• Headquartered in the heartland of America, right in Howell, Michigan, with additional locations across North America, in Rhode Island, Michigan, Illinois, Texas and Mexico

• Trained Representatives serving the continental US, Mexico and all Canadian Provinces. 

• Supplier of state-of-the-art Polyester Straps

• Supplier of traditional High-Quality Steel Banding

• Offering Free On-site Demonstrations and

• No-obligation Cost Comparisons/Competitive Pricing

• Excellent Service USA is in our name for a reason.

It’s there to let you know that we have pride in our products and a commitment to outstanding customer service for all our customers, big or small. When we say we’re better, we mean it. Our strapping is engineered, manufactured and tested to meet the rigorous standards our name and reputation stand for. These products can’t just be “good”, they have to be the best. That’s why the majority of our products are made right here in the USA. We have outstanding manufacturing operations in the United States. That’s why we offer on-site demonstrations to give you unmatched customer service. If you need us to consult, we’ll be there, wherever “there” is, across America and into Canada. If you’d like to hear about the latest advances in polyester strapping or the state-of-the-art in steel banding, call us. If you need information on customized strapping solutions or advice on shipping irregular cargo, we’re the right people call. We specialize in making “difficult” easier and safer for you and your crew. Count on USA Strapping for engineering excellence, unmatched service and competitive prices. We’re the best. The pride in our product is right there in our name: USA is number #1 for a reason. Call to speak with one of our strapping sales associates today.